Thursday 21 February 2013

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Two, new jazz-projects from the north of Jutland, Denmark. Both quintets. The difference is more than the bandleader. One is led by a drummer, the other by a guitarist. Both have the rarely used letter X in their name.

Guitarist Jens Fisker’s group Xylop with Jakob Mygind on saxophone and Jakob Sørensen on trumpet plays straight forward and un-complicated. Jens Fisker chooses to make the music direct. The musicians stand up to the demands and play beautifully.

You find elements from jazz from the 50ies together with delicious bossa. A great album. But why in Gods name do they call themselves Xylop? You are sure to find them in first hit, if you google them, but the name is too silly for this great music. The same is to be said about the hideous cover which in no way describe the aesthetics of the music.

Relationships is latest project from drummer and entrepreneur, Thomas Albæk Jakobsen. Previous he has been the man behind JazzNord Ensemble.
He has created a band with musicians who all come from the north of Jutland. He calls this project Flux and wisely enough he has put his own name in front of it. A couple of years ago another Danish jazz orchestra had the name Flux.

Thomas Albæk Jakobsen is very ambitious and he has produced an album with advanced music. It makes demands of every musician. Especially Ole Visby must be praised for his enthusiastic and varied playing on tenor saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet. Inception pt. 1 is a fine example where he uses clarinet.

You have to respect Thomas Albæk Jakobsen for his courage in doing this demanding project. On the other hand it really demands something of the listener when the music is playing. And here I have to say, that my concentration failed now and then.

Reviews: Niels Overgård. Translation: DSI Swinging Europe.

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