Friday, 13 April 2012

Foyn Trio: Joy visible (Finito Bacalao Records)

The Norwegian singer Live Foyn Friis has teamed up with two fellow students from Aarhus Conservatory. Bass player Jens Mikkel Madsen and guitarist Alex Jønsson. Together they have created the trio Foyn Trio. The group mixes indie pop and jazz in a very personal way. Elements from an early Björk are traceable, but otherwise it is very original. The greatest attraction is the voice of Foyn Friis. She sings with real personality: smooth, pure and beautiful. Her voice comes all the way out of the speakers. The musical territory she works within is difficult. The music both wants to please and comfort but at the same time it wants to challenge the mind. But Live Foyn Friis is elegant when she moves into the music. She has the lighthearted gestures from the pop music and the improvisation elements from jazz. The trio succeeds in their efforts because the music is kept so simple and because of Live Foyn’s charm, which floats out of the speakers.

Review by Niels Overgaard