Sunday, 17 February 2013

Søren Møller: Résumé (Audial/Pladekisten)

For the past 10 years Søren Møller has lived in New York. Now he is coming back to Denmark.

With this album title he indicates two things:

The Résumé is the gathering of important highlights and in English ‘resume’ is the word for picking up what’s been interrupted.

The close collaboration with highly-respected-New-York-saxophone-player Dick Oatts is an important part of Møller’s history and naturally it takes up quite some place. That’s why he really gets room to play on the album.

Their collaboration has a very unique voice on the contemporary jazz scene. Søren Møller is a romantic and a lyricist as a composer. He has shown us that before. Oatts plays with an edge. He is on the beat!

Møller has brought strings in on several numbers and it suits the music. It brings a certain kind of piece which makes the compositions from Møller breath.
The added life makes his piano playing soar above it all. It becomes a Danish summer day with blue skies and birds flying and falling without the least of cares.

The album belongs in the same rare category as the two duo-albums Søren Møller and Dick Oatts previously have produced.

This album is recorded in New York. Henry Cole is behind the drums while Luques Curtis handles the bass.

Review: Niels Overgård. Translation: DSI Swinging Europe

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