Thursday, 28 February 2013

¡haUtUllin!: ¡haUtUllin! (Barefoot Records)

Without insulting anyone I think it’s safe to say that this album is a round of radical far out music.

Finnish Markus Pesonen – who back in 2011 did the splendid album Hum with his group – is playing guitar, pedals, gadgets and laptop on this album. Norwegian Haakon Berre – from (among other bands) Mighty Mouse – plays drums, percussion, junk, gadgets and laptop. Together they are ¡haUtUllin!

If the band name is strange, well, then the music is too to say the least. Fragments of sound and detached pieces of music. Feedback, electronic noise, junk and various things indicates that noise is God.

Personen’s and Berre’s musical experiments are important. Ideas are tried and developed in sound and music which challenges the listener. In the soundlab music is created and torn down. It’s tough business. Which makes the album even more important.

I’ll never wear this album out. On the other hand it’s extremely exciting to put your headphones on and join the spacey trip. It’s most fun if you do it without fastening your seatbelt. 

Review: Niels Overgård. Translation: DSI Swinging Europe.

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