Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Torben Westergaard: Tangofied (TWMUSIK)

The tango is not unknown in our part of the jazz-world. Especially the late Erling Kroner and the Italian Pablo Russo (living in Denmark) have done their part to promote the tango. Especially the sub-genre Nuevo Tango which was introduced by the great composer Astor Piazzolla.

One can choose to go to the motherland of the tango when one wants to do a tango record and that’s exactly what bass player and composer Torben Westergaard did in January. In his suitcase was a series of compositions which was brought to life by five Argentinean musicians playing violin, cello, bandoneón, acoustic guitar and piano.
Westergaard was at the bass but mind you an electric one! Piano player Diego Schissi, who was arranger of the music, was also leading the band.

The compositions by Westergaard are transformed in the most brilliant manner by the Argentinean
musicians. The Nordic genes of Westergaard shine through the compositions while the arrangements show temperament and carry all their feelings on the outside. Very appropriate Torben Westergaard is taking a shower on the cover: Sweat must have sprinkled from him throughout the recording of this album. It’s Nordic tango at a very high level and miles away from the October-project. Also by Westergaard.

Bonus: You will find a fifteen minutes video about the birth of the album in Argentina at this address:  

Review by Niels Overgaard. Translation DSI Swinging Europe

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