Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Simon Toldam Trio: Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass (ILK)

This time around it’s obvious. Not only does he compose exciting music, Toldam is also one burly piano player. Once again this talent, who has already received many praises (including his work with Stork) shows that it has new sides to it. This album is recorded during three nights in September at Kind of Blue. An extremely cozy and intimate place in Copenhagen.

At Christmas 2010 Toldam began his co-operation with Sekten-drummer Knut Finsrud and bass player Nils Davidsen. It started out as a jam-session but the musicians soon ended up playing a bunch of melodies which Toldam had just written.

The trio had its live debut in spring of 2011 and was recorded at autumn that same year. Toldam rolled in own upright piano 500 meters from his apartment into the venue Kind of Blue. “Maybe this is an ending chapter in the music of Simon Toldam and the beginning of something new. Maybe…” Ib Skovgaard writes in his cover notes.

The classical piano trio set-up is new to Toldam in the sense that nothing has been recorded with him in this format, but at the same time there is something unmistakably Toldam in the center of the many jazz clichés. In association with his two musicians Toldam creates a loose and unstructured universe and the trio easily mixes it up with swing of the most excitable kind.

It is a great advantage that the recording of the album was set in such intimate surroundings and the steamy, sweaty mood finds no difficulties in filling out my ordinary living room. It is a strong album Toldam has created. Very recommendable.
Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass is also released on vinyl. It can be bought at Simon Toldam’s private home. All you need to do is write him an e-mail. He will offer you a cup of tea, when you come to collect the record. (simontoldam.com) 

Review Niels Overgaard. Translation DSI Swinging Europe.

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