Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Kolonihaven Unikum: Saltö (ARK)

Art prints, poetry and a record. Moods from a little Swedish island and the sound of a grand piano. Everything accumulated in a beautiful white portfolio.

Kolonihaven Unikum is in charge of the music while Peter Ole Pedersen has done woodcut and Rasmus Klitgaard Hansen has written poetry.

The two musicians Christian Windfeld and Anders Ørbæk who is Kolonihaven Unikum spent five days on the small depopulated Swedish island Saltö located at the nature reserve Kosterhavet close to Norway. They lived in a hut where a grand piano was at the center of their nature-romantic sound-journey.
The grand piano had been worked on with paper, bells and coins.

Christian Windfeld has previous drawn attention to himself at this blog as drummer in Admiral Awesome and Caution! Art Kills!

The music has become a living organism. Ørbæk and Windfeld have adopted drastic measures. Apparently they have left many things to chance. It is moving and at times restful music with edge and nerve. The soul of the music will touch you.

The poet Rasmus Klitgaard Hansen has created the texts from the music. They are found on one side of the ten sheets which comes with the portfolio where the record is. On the other side you find the woodcuts from Peter Ole Pedersen. The art work shows pieces of a grand piano.

When everything is put together you get an experience which you can’t compare to any other project I have reviewed on this blog. The experience of the music is expanded with the other medias you receive with the record.

It’s a very recommendable and original project.

Review: Niels Overgård. Translation: DSI Swinging Europe.

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